High Score Blackout

by The Love X Nowhere

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released March 24, 2009

the love x nowhere is:
mie araki
brett chulada
michael chulada
yukimasa kasuya
gabriel leis

recorded and mixed by justin phelps
ara anderson – trumpet and glockenspiel
sam bass – string arrangements and cello
carla kihlstedt – violin

all songs written and performed by the love x nowhere. all words by brett chulada and gabriel leis, except the gyre, written and performed by jason morris and tlxn.
recorded by justin phelps at tiny telephone and hyde st. studio c, sf. mixed by justin phelps at hawthorne bridge recording co., portland or. additional engineering and programming by mark pistel at room 5, sf. additional engineering by gabriel leis at the kitchen, in his kitchen and the rondo room. mastering by jj golden at golden mastering, ventura, ca. original artwork by seiko tachibana, kindly reprinted by permission of the artist. design and layout by chie.



all rights reserved


The Love X Nowhere San Francisco

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Track Name: tomorrow's retreat
you know she wants to show you her crystal ball
high fence in winter snowflakes begin to fall
dog tracks lead toward the barn where we’ll lay our heads
and dream of sunny oceans far away
tonight rest my sweet
for tomorrow’s retreat
Track Name: din
pray, do tell
where'd you go and what'd you see?
i saw light, sweet light
breaking up in front of me

it's no ordinary light
no ordinary soul

man i could stay all day
chasing shadows in my mind
flow and flower
blooming deep inside of me

it's no ordinary light
no ordinary soul
extraordinary life
extraordinary soul

i see their faces in snowy black and white
they come from the static, come from the universal mind
comin' up and you're never dry, comin' up and you're never late for nothin'

prey, hunt well
in this season of retreat
cast your line
through the riches of the deep

it's no ordinary light
no ordinary soul
this extraordinary life
extrordinary soul
Track Name: northern time
sleep sound as our future drowns
as we bleed the wound of the elephant in the room
he who know the lie
knows he can’t survive without the consent of fools
and god as rule
in the name of greed we have spent our eternity
gone, as the story goes
the few had so much but the many will live so long

who in the northern time when the walls come down
and we see the mirror
who with a heavy heart and the bleeding scars
of our lost innocence

sometimes trouble speaks to me
tells me not to to breathe, tell me I am the one to blame
shame and all the rest
hereby I confess to a life where my second best
was good enough
no I didn’t fight for the ones who weren’t strong themselves
and Love was just a word
never raised my fist to defend what it’s really worth

who in the northern time when the wall come down
and we see the mirror
who with a heavy heart and the bleeding scars
of our lost innocents
who in the northern time when the power’s out
and we free the prison
who with a loving touch and the greenest thumb
will restore our derring do?

if there’s hope for the flowers we must try to find all the ones that have been led astray
if there’s hope for the flowers we must try to help all the ones that have been led astray
Track Name: terra fuego
all backed up on the interstate
and we ran out of gasoline
better stack 'em up!

8.5 on the richter scale
seemed liked the sky was caving in
you can't stitch that up!

we see an off-shore build up of a plastic tide
about the size of texas now
you can't clean that up,
clean it up!


storm takes land and the levee breaks
we see the bodies floating by
they didn't give a fuck!

death winds howl across the oil fields
the burning columns in the sky
oh, man, that's messed up!

we see a meth lab dumpin' by the riverside
all the monkey's shoot it up,
don't shoot that up!

you know you couldn't care less
my mother's face is a mess
her lungs are clear cut
i don't want to be your agent
it's really down to the wire
our only home is on fire
ain't gonna end well
i don't want to be your agent

ice caps melt into the atmosphere
and all the bears will have to swim
maybe we will too
we will too
swim against the side of you

Track Name: the gyre
& you’re asking why synergy operates on the level that it does
w the pavement crumbling & breaking, static AM fuzz
on radios & car alarms
pigeons fly out, smoking wreckage, stolen memory + saints
like living on mars or worse
bloodstained water-towers or the litter of what doesn’t fit
static radio fuzz on the dial
while vadic kids maintain hunches this
barbarism’s real
on bombed-out mattresses stealing

selling frozen chords & diseased roses, plastic
vadic orations & a whole
wall of TVs, a whole
circuit underlying this
city, rotten in front of its perforations & seams
w boards going up & miles of debris, oceans of stolen
poison holding
memory, split-second
decision cards & barred
storefronts, thinking any of this might be free

or tossed under buses, lost information &
memory cards, flash drives & USB sticks
flickers of light in minor alleyways
trucks go by & tricks of the light
better to lie in wait, state
one life at a time, or
wine & pills, a gun—the sun, now
brown, creeping—in broken windows

& faced with
pacing of walking & smoking, cigarettes, pink
jet-trails fails lit chainlink
fences, plastic
bags, the failure of what falls thru the
cracks. Or grows there, pitch-black

thinking broken thoughts in thin air
lots gets done on streets unseen
windows & sightlines, night’s getting on & closing
cracks & packs of people dispersed
daily rituals & permutations, calculations of exchange
a range of treatments for
those to be confined, living in closed houses
powerless behind fences
stencilled lines & leaving in
fragments & places with
signs, train yards & terminals
sliding into radio slogans
& shape-shifters in public
boulevards, palm trees yawning into

troubling schisms & visions the blind see
only this world & the mad & diseased
unable or unwilling to deal with the grind are
confined, in the wheel, spinning
thoughts & pollutions, watched in their stations
the desolate locations
out of joint machinations
sidelining traces there is a new

cross in the wind—it is our
minds, imagination, will
lost in the fire & what rough
his hour in the houses & outer borroughs
where by helicopter
where by flashlight
ghosts hide, those unseen by
public libraries & all-night fast food shops
slinks what rough to write
Cocaine or Acts of Youth
whose hearts are fastened to dying animals
& rising out of fire bare, present
something like a gyre to the night

& in flight there, return & return to where
the great animals are caged
deadened, to sit by
belatedly write
the end of things, what
yet has come to pass—forthcoming—
with pitiless gaze on typewriter or
faltering in handwritten rage

a defiance—against which—
scraps of trash in a widening wind, our minds
the sacraments & commandments to dreaming
begin in thin air over skylines

suddenly as total wrecks, no
memory again, nerves & asylums
cut & forged of stolen words
barred split visions from dreaming on pages, lost—
woe to the homeless who are out on this night
criminal elements subdivide the mind
smoke rings & blocked thoughts in rented rooms
the fire you set you let destroy you
peels back the edges
pages crack at their endings
who by helicopter
who by attack dog
fine smashed port wine bottle
all excess is thine in this doomed court
shifting time
where no acceleration is left unmatched
all sped-up reason
lessons refined to their granules
the dark in his youth alone cannot hear
but follows the low stitching of the singing,
going slightly out of control, what rough acts
born to eclipse even the night
bear down their thin force to be hidden
Track Name: another monkey on the vine
take a look at yourself
take a look it's the only one you
gotta figure it out
figure out what can't be

it's a matter of taste
if you don't know then i'll introduce you
mirror meet your face
so what now?

if you wanna dance with the big boys, baby
there's hardly not a second to lose
you better get off your ass

you lucky son of a bitch
you know your problems are always self-made
that's a hell of a hitch
try crawling out of that

monkey stuck in a ditch
stick around and we'll see what happens
maybe make us all rich
or just disappointed

if you gotta problem with the spotlight, baby
better pack it in right now, 'cause you ain't got no game
if you gotta problem with the spotlight, baby
better pack it it in right now
and if you want to dance with the big boys
maybe i can show you how

conditions worsen over time
another monkey on the vine
no more room for yours and mine
Track Name: twilight mourning
twilight mourning afternoon all through the night
till daybreak breaks again the promises we made to go to sleep
it gives me pause I must re-think

fireside sparks vacation on their spiral flights
faces of friends who dared to watch the ocean getting tossed
and all the birds that soar aloft on our watch

in this love there’s no turning back
hold it up, upon your crown I will make my stand

cool out, never much for conversation
bracing up, fill the cup relax and wonder
watch the readies roll, you know you never had control….
until now

in this love there’s no turning back
hold it up, upon your crown I will make my stand
Track Name: knockoff
don't sleep your life away
don't waste another day
under his spell
gotta try and break
with these blitzkrieg philosophies
these para-normalities
this medicine show

turn on your vibe machine
knock off some pretty dreams
while there's still time

hey b!
hiding behind the blinds
dust off those steely eyes
'cause there's so much to see
it's mostly up to you
but what are you gonna do
when he turns out the lights?

gotta try and stay awake
turn on your vibe machine
knock off some pretty dreams
'cause yesterday's gone

make real possibilities
out of rare opportunities
don't wait!
patiently by your side
feels good to feel alive
now that yesterday's gone
Track Name: the diz
bone crackin' mind dissolvin'
what's it take
to drown out the siren's screaming endlessly
caught up in hue, man
no black or white
your shades of grey have no place in this light

shave your time away
take another week today
just do me a favor
please make it good tonight

all of your friends have the same disease
groping the darkness for some release
goddamn self-conciousness
leave us be
your indiscretions got us on our knees

shave your time away
take another week today
just do me a favor
please make it good tonight
you're cold but not unkind
it takes a lot to just unwind
so do me a favor
wind it up tight tonight
Track Name: gooseberry
so long my friend
the road calls you back
with your wife and daughter you now go
leaving us to sing your own song

you always had a twinkle in your eye
reminding me it’s good to be alive
there’s darkness now where your light shone
as sunset brings the first night that you are gone

the secret smile you wear is a sign of
undying faith to ride the rising tide
a penny paid for golden sticks
a child to learn her daddy’s soft parade